Enter a domain name and press to lookup the favicon.

Favicon image
To embed the favicon on your website you can add an img tag with the src set to:


Where $DOMAIN is the domain name of the website you want to embed the favicon for.

If we cannot load the favicon for the requested domain we display instead as a neutral fallback, if you need a 404 response instead add the fallback query parameter with the value 404. Favicons are served as ICO, JPG, WebP, AVIF, PNG and SVG depending on the source available and browser support as indicated by the Accept header. If you have a site that is not working (correctly) please do contact us so we can investigate and fix.

Optionally you can add a size query parameter to specify the size of the favicon you want (in pixels between 16 and 1024), the default is 32. The favicon will only be resized if the source image is larger than the specified size. SVGs are never resized.

Hint: If you do not have a adaptive light/dark mode UI you should set style="color-scheme: light" (or dark) on the img tag to make sure the favicon is visible in your UI. If you do have a adaptive light/dark mode UI you can omit this. The reason this is needed is that we serve SVG favicons that usually embed CSS to change the color of the favicon to white when the user has a dark mode UI enabled.